This is for the overworked hairstylist who wants to work less, make more, without growing your client list.

Get access to 3 transformative courses, proven to make you more money, market your services to high-paying clients and unlock your next level of success with greater confidence.

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Imagine... working 30% less hours in the salon, coming home and being unapologetically present with your family, while having the capacity to fill your own cup and make more money with ease and greater fulfillment.
After going through Blow-up Your Beauty Business you will get:
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A solid business plan that is aligned with high-paying services + client offerings. 

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Greater confidence in your pricing and understanding of your numbers to make more profit.
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Support with overcoming your fears that are keeping you stuck from reaching your next level of success.


 The result? You’re empowered, confident and can unapologetically step into your role as CEO of your beauty empire.

You are worthy of having it all!

Building a profitable, successful business IS possible when you have the right tools, coach, and trusted systems to support your growth. I want to remind you that you're absolutely capable of building a super lucrative, fully-aligned beauty biz, that creates future freedom, and I want to show you how.

Avoid these 3 mistakes heading into 2024:
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Lacking a solid vision of how to attract high-end customers.

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Not paying attention to your profit and expenses, and losing money due to inflation.

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Feeling overwhelmed with unaligned business advice, and are afraid of making the wrong decision.


In the BLOW-UP YOUR BEAUTY BUSINESS BUNDLE, get instant access to 3 mini-academies that will have you stepping into your power as a high-performing hairstylist who knows their business inside and out.

What's Included

Abundant Business Blueprint

If you are feeling lost within your next steps of growing an abundant AF beauty business, this course will be your roadmap to success. This is my signature 3 part framework that will teach you how to make more money per service, work fewer hours behind the chair, and call in high-paying clients with ease. You get to create an abundant business, on your own terms.

Hairstylist CEO Success Kit

This kit has all my secrets to financial success, and I've never given this type of information away outside of my 1:1 coaching. Understanding your numbers shouldn't be so complex, and I am going to simplify the process for you. You get access to 3 custom calculators that will help you better understand your expenses, income, and money allotment. As well, as help you revamp your menu offerings to maximize your profits. This success kit will do the heavy lifting for you, so you can do more of what you love. 

Bust Through Your Blocks

I know the feelings of fear, imposter syndrome, and anxiety come up when we think of making changes to our businesses. But, feeling stuck shouldn't be what is holding you back from reaching success and freedom. With each new level comes a new glass ceiling, and I want you to have the courage and strength to bust through what is holding you back. As your personal coach, I am going to help you bust through your blocks and release what is holding you back, so you can step into a more confident version of who you are meant to be.

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Bundle Valued at $497

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Hey, I'm Laura.

As a fellow hairstylist, turned micro-salon owner, I want to teach you how to build a thriving business that works for you instead of being a slave to your business.

The resources I created for the Blow-Up Your Beauty Business Bundle allowed me to scale back my hours while behind the chair, and charge more for my time and expertise. All the while, working with dream clients who align with my salon brand and culture.

Simply put, I work less in the salon, make more money per day, and have a work-life balance I love.

I am here to show you my exact steps so you too can build your business around your life.

Good - I have answers!
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