A mini-course for hairstylists who are tired of hustling and feeling overwhelmed, and are ready to have more ease, abundance, and money to build the salon business of their dreams.

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It's never too late to re-create the business of your dreams.

This 3-part video series gives you clarity on what you want more of in your business and tools to help shift your business from overwhelm into abundance.

After watching, you'll be able to:

Re-ignite the Passion in Your Business

You'll understand why your business hasn't been feeling fully-aligned, which is the first step to falling in love with your business again.

Abundance-Proof Your Business

You'll discover how to identify what is bringing you more abundance in your business, and more importantly, how to release what isn't.

Pivot With Ease

 You'll be able to curate a plan for your unique beauty business goals. And you'll be able to reach these goals in a doable way that fits with your lifestyle.

Hi, I'm Laura Elizabeth

I created this mini-course to help hairstylists take back control over their business, joy, and time.

 So often as entrepreneurs, we can fall back into the habit of just doing what's been working and not taking time to stretch and reinvent ourselves. And it's not because we don't care - life can just get hectic and pull you in so many different directions.

That's how the Abundant Business Blueprint was born.

It's a blueprint I had originally made for my 1:1 coaching clients to help them to:

  • Identify parts of their business that haven't been working
  • Amplify more of what they loved to do most while in the salon, and
  • Streamline those changes into their business with ease 

Because at the end of the day, my goal is to help you reset and evolve your business into the dream biz you always wanted. Get the blueprint today and get back on the path to abundance!

Your Beauty Biz + Mindset Coach,

I Want the Abundant Business Blueprint