With a Micro Salon you can build your dream team that supports your big vision. I created the MicroSalon Experience so I can help other stylists experience salon entrepreneurship without the level of risk and investment that typically comes with a 5-to-10 year lease and $100K price tag.

If you're a salon suite renter who wants to expand, but have been nervous to build a team or have been burned by large salon experiences, this program is for you.

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"This program has given me the knowledge, tools, and the confidence that I was looking for in order to succeed with expanding into a micro salon.

It helped me step back and let go of things that do not need to be micro managed so much. This allowed me to focus on the bigger picture. I see things much more clear now, I feel more sure of myself, and I don't feel so overwhelmed with taking on this next step in my business."

- Sarah Gonzalez


Access a special bundle of 3 transformative courses proven to make you more money, market your services to high-paying clients, and unlock your next level of success with greater confidence.

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Do you have an established beauty biz, yet are unsure of how to scale? Are you ready to tackle your big goals and ambitions? This academy is going to help you do just that! Learn to rewire your mindset, set yourself up for massive success, and get all the tools to help you break through your glass ceiling within your beauty business!

Glass Ceiling Academy is a 90 day group coaching program designed to help the established hairstylist hit their next level of success. You will be supported by other like minded hairprenuers, just like you, who want to see you win and grow with you! Are you ready to join?

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"I’ve been on a huge journey lately. Not just growth in my career, but also a personal journey with myself. I feel so much more confident in who I am and where I am supposed to be. It feels so great to know I am on the right path. 

Today is the last day of the Glass Ceiling Academy and it has been such a wonderful experience. It was what I needed to help me to always know I am “right on time”. I’ve been able to connect with some amazing stylists and am so thankful for their support. I’ve been able to learn, grow and confidently jump into my new role as a salon owner."

- Catherine Chishti

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Are you seeking massive change within your beauty biz designed exclusively for your unique goals and dreams? My 1:1 intensive coaching is for you. Dive deep into your beauty business and troubleshoot areas of improvement with my fast track progress method. You will transform your business, your mindset, and step into the CEO you always knew you wanted to be.

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